MKMMA week 13

We will get exactly what we give, but we have to give first!   giving

When we examined the scroll marked 2 we looked in depth at the true meaning of LOVE and discovered that Love was an action and not a feeling and more importantly  that we are called to give without expecting anything in return. We must give 100% to everything we do.

I found this article by Michael Tummillo which I want to share with you…

Good Investment Tip – Give and it Will Be Given Unto You

Many years ago, I called a Christian radio station and, of all people to answer the phone, one of the station’s radio show hosts, a Financial Planner named Don Spears got on the line. I took advantage of the opportunity to ask Don what I was doing wrong with my finances. Try as I might, I just could not get ahead. He told me two things:

1) Keep sowing into fruitful ministries, just as I did by calling in and
2) Use the envelope system, never robbing Peter to pay Paul. Mark each envelope with a creditor’s name and place a portion of each month’s bill in the envelope until the monthly bill was paid.

I began doing so immediately and could not help but notice the increase in my salary and, subsequently, the amount of my Kingdom gifts. Imagine the thrill of meeting my wife, years later, and discovering that she utilized the same envelope system! It was meant to be!

After my first marriage ended and being laid-off from my job as an Art Director at an Ad Agency, giving became a way of life for me. In time, I decided my life’s goal would be to live off 10% while giving away the 90%. I had a long way to go: no phone for two years, no car, a job keeping a mobile home park clean, and an old trailer I had to kick all the cats out of that had no hot water or refrigerator. I had a long way to go and I still have quite a way to go, but I am amazed at how many clever ways God has given us for increasing our earnings as Barbara and I continue to give. These days – and I’m only bragging on God – we are healthy, own two nice vehicles and two nice homes, one which serves as a rooming house in which we’ve had marriages, baby dedications, healings and many prayer meetings. Everything we have is dedicated to Kingdom service.

There are many ways in which we can give … may be volunteering our time to a local community group,  using our talents to provide a service to someone, inviting someone round for a meal and to share fellowship with them, or helping out financially to someone in need.

From what we have learned on our MKMMA journey, we have to decide for ourselves just what we are prepared to give, examine our reasons for wanting to give and further more when are we going to start giving it….and remember that we always keep our promises to ourselves

So how should we give? You just do it with your heart. Giving with your heart is the most precious thing, whether it is advice or clothes or even shelter to someone in need. What ever you give out in all these areas, your rewards will be great providing you have given them with a good heart and not expecting anything in return.

The dictionary says this...give [giv] 

verb (used with object), gave, giv·en, giv·ing.

1. to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation; bestow: to give a birthday present to someone.
2. to hand to someone: Give me that plate, please.
3. to place in someone’s care: If you give me your coat, I’ll put it in the closet. grant (permission, opportunity, etc.) to someone: Give me a chance.
5. to impart or communicate: to give advice;


MKMMA week 12

The only way to keep from going backwards is to keep going forward….I know this sounds simple enough but we can probably all relate to the things which we allow to yoyo in our lives, maybe it’s the diet we start, the fitness regime we embark on, the 90day plan to build our business, or the books we purchase to help us change our lives. We begin with the best of intentions, fully focused and ready to go, only days or weeks later having moved forwards to find we have taken  one or even two steps back! We have allowed LIFE to get in our way! The truth is, LIFE will always get in the way and stop us moving forward if we allow it to. So how do we prevent this?

We are told in week 12 that there are 3 things we must do which are essential

1.Have knowledge of our power of thought, we have been learning how to direct our thoughts consistently.

2. The courage to dare,

3. The faith to do

As we learned from previous weeks there are no limitations to what we can achieve but the thing that will help us to move forward at all times is to develop a sharp, clear-cut and definite purpose


It takes time to create and adjust our focus until we have such a clear picture in our mind that it feels as though it has already happened.It is essential to see everything in minute detail.So if we are to create our dream house for example it is not enough to have a picture in your head, it is important to spend time meditating on this to see where the house is, what it is constructed of, what the grounds are like, how you will furnish and decorate it, what are the floor coverings like, the style of the kitchen, how many bathrooms does it have….the list is endless but essential to create it in your mind.

 Everything we create in our mental or spiritual world  manifests into a physical reality.

This basic principle of governing our thoughts can be used to achieve success in our business, home, relationships and environment, and helps create the events which come into our lives in the future or even tomorrow 

It is the combination of our THOUGHTS and LOVE which forms an irresistible force called the Law of Attraction. I have come across this before in books like The Secret. I was inspired by the book and even watched the DVD  and often wondered how it worked and I even did some of the things suggested like making a vision board. I have heard from my network marketing network also about  the Law of Attraction,and followed some of the ideas they suggested about setting goals. Now I have seen some benefits from some of these things over time but none that have made any significant difference to my life, and now I have discovered the missing links by working on the scholarship. I am so excited to see what my future holds. 

I am determined to keep moving forwards… is impossible to move in 2 directions at the same time, so I choose forwards!

MKMMA week 11



We were asked this week to spend our meditation time on this verse from the Bible Mark 11:24

“Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that you receive them  and ye shall have them”

I have heard this verse preached upon many times, read it and discussed it with fellow Christians and many have differing views of what this means and how we can achieve the things we desire. So I am looking at this with now fresh eyes from what I have learned over the past weeks on MKMMA .

Firstly I decided to look up a few definitions

Whatsoever you ask for :

we are told that there are no limitations only the limitations we put upon ourselves by not been able to see or believe it. It is so easy to have self limiting beliefs and assume that we are not worthy to get what we want or that we don’t have the resources to make it possible instead of actually having the belief that it can happen

Believe: The dictionary says to accept as true; to think or to be convinced of.  There are many things spiritual or not that we believe in. Faith is something we cannot see, we cannot touch and cannot feel but we know it is real

Desire: To long or wish for; to request or to ask for. You only have to watch the actions of a small child visiting Santa,believing that the thing he wants most for Christmas will be delivered…. does he just send in his request and believe that it will happen?

Have: To have in ones possession; to hold in the mind; to experience are just a few of the definitions. How great does it feel when you actually have something you have desired? One of my goals for this year was to have all my children together for a family meal, we have not all been together for many years and this was a real desire. well after months of waiting I finally got my wish …..My 5 children and their partners celebrating Christmas!!!Image

So if we are to believe that “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that you receive them  and ye shall have them” that this is true, then how do we go about getting what we want?

It is clearly not the case that if you desire even £500 and pray for it to arrive in the mail…..I would guess that most of us don’t get this! So how can we be sure that what we ask for we do get?

From the very beginning of the MKMMA scholarship we have been challenged to focus our minds on the things we want in our lives, for me this is not about acquiring material things but a desire to share my life with like minded people, being able to help other people financially as other people have helped me in my times of need, having time to spend with my family, being able to do voluntary work, to be financially free, to have the time to enjoy going for walks along the seafront or in the countryside. The interesting thing for me was when we were first asked to write our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) I found it difficult to actually think about what it was that I wanted and over the following weeks, the more I focused on things that I actually wanted and not just believed that I was worthy of or capable of achieving, things actually began to change for me. When we were asked to then focus on our PPNs the reasons why we wanted these things then things actually began to make sense. The question was, Were the things I actually desired in harmony with my reasons why? 

By repeatedly focusing on the things we desire and not just for a few minutes here and there but consistently 3 times a day, following the teachings set out in the scrolls of the Greatest Salesman in the World, we are beginning to set in motion the conditions required to receive our true desires.

One of the things we were asked to do was to prepare a vision board to help us constantly bring to mind not only the things we desire but to attach them to the reasons why  and just as  importantly the dates by which we want to have achieve them

This is my daily inspiration and having my children together was just one of the things on there.


However it is true to say that just by focusing my attention on these things by no means give me the results I want. There are other factors it consider firstly that I believe whole heartedly that all things are possible and secondly that some form of action is required

Another of my favourit Bible Versus is from  Mark 2:1-12

Story Overview: A man who could not walk wanted to be healed by Jesus.(desire) When the man’s friends carried him to the house where Jesus was staying, (belief that Jesus could heal him) they found the house to be packed with people wanting to hear Jesus and be healed by him. The friends climbed up an outside staircase and dug a hole through the roof. They lowered their friend down to the place where Jesus was. Jesus was impressed by the faith of these men.(action) First, Jesus did what only God can do – he forgave the man’s sins. Then, Jesus healed the man so that he could get up and walk.

Jesus could see the four men had faith. They would not have done such an unusual thing if they had not believed Jesus could heal their friend.

The actions we have been asked to take whilst on the scholarship are giving us the tools required to achieve the consistent, persistent  action required in order for us to know that “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that you receive them  and ye shall have them”

I can’t wait for the coming months to see how more of my desires come to fruition

I am so grateful to Mark J and the team and also the person who introduced me to this.

MKMMA Week 10

I will Persist until I SUCCEED!

I am loving the new scroll marked 111, I will persist until I Succeed ! This truly has been something I have needed to remind myself of….

At one time in my life persistence came easy to me, in my work I was persistent working with young children and their families, I was all to familiar with the terrible 2s and the challenges they presented, and the need to stay focused and fair. You only have to walk around a supermarket and everyday we come across toddlers or teenagers persistently making demands on their parents, it can be a battle of wills and it is debatable who will prove to be the most persistent and be able to claim…..I will persist until I succeed! It takes persistence to keep calm and carry on when your toddler is creating mayhem and you have onlookers giving their opinion weather they are qualified to do so or not.

Over the past 10 years as a single parent I have found myself been less persistent in the things I do. I have flitted from one job to another trying to make the best of situations in my own strength. My sanity  has been stretched to the limits as I have been impatient  and not had a clear vision of what I wanted in life. Like many people, I have been persistently trading one merry go round for another!!!!!

So as we continue on the Master Keys scholarship I am learning, maybe not at a vast pace, but to begin to put back the pieces of the jigsaw that have been missing for a while. I am learning to make connections with things around me which trigger thoughts which I have been creating in my subconscious to create the life I want.

A few weeks ago someone posted on my face book a Katy Perry song “ROAR” I hadn’t come across it before but I was asked to listen to the lyrics and must admit I found it inspiring. The following week I took my daughter to Zumba class and low and behold one of the songs was “ROAR” so now I am able to get into the groove with “ROAR” as I remembered then about learning whilst exercising (athletically) and started to run through my DMP in my head.  Then just today, I had my daughter in the car and had the radio on which is very rare for me as I usually have a motivational CD playing….. and yet again “Roar” came flooding through the speakers only this time the thing that came to mind and has stuck with me is I will persist until I succeed as I listened to the lyrics…..


The lyrics help me to remember that I am a champion and I am persistent and will succeed  and yes I am learning to  ROAR as we have to read out our affirmations  daily, no longer do I listen to those who weep and complain because their disease is contagious and the slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny.

I have found this to be very powerful, by doing the exercises consistently over the past few weeks  I have a strong picture of what I want and how by changing the way I think so that I can succeed




MKMMW Week 9

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”

Reading this affirmation to myself continuously throughout the day has helped me this week to keep my mind focused. I not only added it to my index cards but have it written on a card in my dashboard so its a constant reminder to me as I travel. It makes me feel invigorated and motivated I also downloaded some music Cognition enhancer for clearer and faster thinking to use as the background  recording of my DMP, blueprint and affirmations

So how has “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” helped me?

Well continuing on the 7 day mind diet I learned that I am the sum total of my thoughts; and so have to find a way to entertain only good thoughts. It is not easy in the beginning to stop negative thoughts or beliefs entering our mind but I can learn not to entertain the thoughts and instead  repeat “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”  and also to substitute any negative thoughts with positive ones as Frederick Elias Andrews suggests Affirm the good and the bad will vanish. BUT what is the significance of substituting negative thoughts with positive thoughts?

For me, I joined the MKMMA scholarship after reaching a crossroads in my life.          I have been a single mum for 11 years and  my youngest is now 18. I recently walked out of my job and decided it was time for me to create the future I want for myself and my family. The hardest thing for me was in actually deciding what I want for my future and I had to do this before I could make the changes in my life. I have set goals in the past and have achieved things on it.So you might well ask why am I doing the scholarship?

In the past, my goals have been reached short term but I allowed other things to get in the way, challenges with family, financial difficulties, and health issues. Like most people I dealt with the issues in turn and after each challenge had to begin focusing all over again. The thing my life lacked most of all has been consistency.

The MKMMA Scholarship has been a God send to me. I can’t say it is easy but the rewards are great. I am learning new things each week about how my mind works and how what I think about influences my actions and my environment.  From the very beginning we were asked to think about the things we really wanted in our lives and the sort of people we wished to share our lives with. I have noticed over the past 2 months more and more people coming into my life who have drive, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. I am so blessed by their friendship. By following the actions, repeating the affirmations and constantly focusing my mind I know that the people who start to come into my business will be people who also want to change their lives and with the skills I am learning I know I will have the tools and ability to help them.

We learned this week that there are 3 main things that people want in their lives Health, Wealth and Love, and if we were granted three wishes these are what people wish for…..

aladins lamp

If we have good health both physically and mentally we are able to carry out our daily lives and help others, with wealth, however you define wealth for yourself, we are able to  achieve things for ourselves and others and with love anything is possible.

In all things,  acquiring true health, wealth and happiness we must first know the TRUTH. The truth is the underlying principle in every business or social relation. To know the truth is to be in harmony with the infinite and omnipotent power, therefore we are able to connect ourselves to a power which is irresistible and which sweeps away any discord,doubt or error because the “Truth is mighty and will prevail” If I attach the truth in all that I do, say and think I can affirm  that….

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”


MKMMA Week 8

7 Day Mental Diet


One of my PPNs s is True health and in looking at this closely have come to understand that to achieve and maintain True health I need to get both my body and mind into tip top condition. As far as my body is concerned I have made a conscious effort to eat more healthily, predominantly eat more fresh food and eliminating processed food also to be more in tune with my body and only eat when I am hungry, eat more slowly and to stop eating when I am full

Looking at my mental well being was more of a challenge because in my normal day to day life it wasn’t something I was used to focusing on or aware that I needed to challenge the thinking I had. I recently read a book called Amazing Motivation by Paul J Spencer, and although I have read these motivational books before, this one really had an impact on me as I began to do the exercises I was required to do. This did challenge me to think about why I wanted certain things, what I was prepared to do to achieve these things and what would it mean to me if I did not achieve them. And then I began the MKMMA Scholarship and was asked to write my own DMP (Definite Major Purpose) in life and as the weeks went by and this was refined, refined and refined again until I was happy with the end statement which represents my true being.

To improve my mental health I am embracing the 7 Day Mental Diet  produced by Emmet Fox who states that this is the food which furnishes my mind and determines the character of my life. It is the thoughts I allow my self to think, the subjects I allow myself to dwell upon which makes me and my surroundings what they are. Everything I am today, my thoughts and feelings are as a direct result of my past thinking. And the condition of my life tomorrow, the next week and next year will be conditions by the thoughts and feelings I choose to entertain from today. How amazing is that! We can not change what has happened in the past BUT to think WE CAN BE WHAT I WILL BE by choosing what we allow ourselves to think about from now on

Once you begin to realize that when you change your mind your conditions must also change. This is possibly the most important thing in my whole life!.

In order to do this I must train myself to choose the subject of my thinking at any given time and also to choose the emotional tone.

This last week I went on a training course to learn how to become a Dementia Friends Champion.  My other PPN is to help other people and now that I am no longer working in a job have decided to give some of my time to voluntary work with the Alzheimer’s society. So I am aiming to do a treck to Kilimanjaro in sept 2014 and have to raise funds for this and also I wanted to become a Dementia Friends Champion which gives me the opportunity to go into the community and promote how people with Dementia can still live a positive life.

Well, the reason for me telling you this was because on the days training, there was a phrase which hit me between the eyes so to speak

” for every book on my Hippocampus there will be a corresponding book on my amygdala”

What does this mean?

we were  looking at how different parts of the brain are affected in different ways as Dementia progresses. and to visualise this we asked to picture a person with dementia and on either side of them a book case.

The bookcase on left side is called the Hippocampus and isfull of books about memories, names, faces, numbers etc( factual and Biographical data) and is a flimsy diy bookcase. As the dementia begins affect the person more and more the bookcase begins to rock and books begin to fall off and loose their place and so things are forgotten or jumbled.

However the bookcase on the right is named the Amygdala and  is constructed of solid oak and built by a carpenter. this book case contains all the book of their life that makes them who they are all the emotions and feelings about relationships, events, inspirations. This bookcase is not so easy to shake and the person with dementia can hold onto these feelings and emotions for much longer. So ” for every book on my Hippocampus there will be a corresponding book on my amygdala”

 Isn’t this what Mark has been telling us week by week ? Whatever we must do and think we must do with GUSTO and emotion…why? because it is the feelings behind what we encounter that sticks with us for a very long time, as we learned in the week 2 about the 7 Laws of the mind and how we can only think about 1 thing at a time, so make sure it is positive. Going back to the 7Day Mind Diet if we want to make our lives Happy and worthwhile we must begin to do this immediately. So for 7 Days we must not allow ourselves to dwell for a single moment on any kind of thought that is not positive, constructive, optimistic or kind.

Emmet Fox does not suggest this will be easy if fact he says that physical fasting would be mild in comparison. But will it be worth it?

The idea is to have 7 full days of mental fasting, and once you begin to continue for 7 days. If you fall off then miss a few days and begin once more for 7 continuous days

I have made a few false starts this week but I have promised myself to see this through no matter how long it takes.

To help me stay focused I have placed my vision board at the foot of my bed so first thing in a morning and last thing at night I can relax and look at this for 15 minutes before starting my day or going to sleep


I am back to day one and am greeting this day with Love in my heart


MKMMA Week 7


We are all guilty of it as some time…….and from my own experience it’s not usually a conscious decision. When I worked for a BOSS, I knew what my job description was, what was expected and I knew I was more than capable of doing the job, in fact I would say I even went the extra mile, not to please the BOSS but to provide the clients I worked with the best possible care i was able to give. So why in my network marketing business am I more inclined to PROCRASTINATE?

I am not lazy, I treat my business as a job but there are things I put off and consistently put off and yet I know without a doubt the importance of the compound effect. I have read Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect in which he says “It harder to get started than it is to keep going, so you must be consistent to keep your momentum going. “When you start thinking about slacking off on your routines and rhythms, consider the massive cost of inconsistency. It is not the loss of the single action and tiny results it creates; it is the utter collapse and loss of momentum your entire progress will suffer.”

Mark J is also teaching us this very principle in the MKMMA Scholarship. Each little action we are asked to do repeated 3x daily is there to reset our mindset and create a new blueprint for our lives.

Albert Einstein says “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.


To demonstrate this he uses the story of THE PENNY…… Compounding is a wonderful part of investing where the interest you earn on your money earns interest at a faster and faster rate. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say someone gave you a choice: You could either take $100,000 right now, or, get a penny a day for 30 days. But here’s the deal: Each day you would turn in the pennies you got from the previous day and would receive twice the number back. So, on day one, you get a penny. On day two, you get two pennies. And on day three, you get four pennies.

So which one would you want? If you took the $100,000, you sold yourself short. Why? The power of compounding. That penny deal would have given you $5.4 million at the end of 30  days. If you don’t believe me, check out the table below


Not everyone will want to save for 30 days to get the best results, we live in a microwave society where we want everything NOW but what is it that makes us think that this is the best way.?

We have been influenced our whole lives by the people who have taken care of us, taught us at school, our friends, what we read in the newspapers and what we see on TV. We are constantly bombarded by  get rich quick schemes and I want it now mentality! Most of us have been tempted by this at some points in our lives, and it can be very hard to make a decision to change what we have always known or stop going along with our old habits. However what we have learned through MKMMA is that the only way to realize your dreams is by hard work, consistently over time, doing what most of society refuse to do. The value of the things we are learning is already beginning to show results, I still have a long way to go and In this regard, it is important to look at what is influencing me most. I know that What I feed my mind, the people I spend time with, and my environment will all conspire to bring me closer or further from my goals. I have noticed over just a few weeks the new people coming into my life are more positive and have focus for their own lives. I am so excited to see what happens next …..



MKMMA Week 6

love heart   


How I am loving scroll 2 of The greatest Salesman in the world.

But what springs to mind when we think about LOVE?

Usually we conjure up a picture of hearts and flowers and romance. We only have to visit a card shop,watch a film on TV or read a novel to see these images reflected.  The dictionary says ….a strong liking for someone or something, a passionate affection for another person or the object of such affection. This is what most people think of when they think about Love

So What does Og Mandino refer to when he says “I will greet this day with love in my heart” ?

Throughout scroll 2 Mandino suggests that everything we do should be done with Love in our hearts which stems from the Biblical definition of Love…

Christian love is not a feeling of emotional attraction or affection, but a service, love is what you do, not what you feel. According to the Scriptures, Christian “agape” love toward both God and man is expressed by how you act toward one another. The love we must show to one another is in obedience to God: “Love is patient, love is kind, is not jealous; love does not brag, is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” 1 col 13:4-7

Each aspect of love toward both God and man is something we do, not something we feel.

We are also commanded to Love our neighbours as ourselves, and how should we Love ourselves? Mandino suggests we should zealously inspect all things which enter our bodies, mind, soul and heart.

Through our daily reading of the scrolls and following the times of quiet and meditation we are reprogramming our thinking to do just these  things.

So learning the true meaning of LOVE and loving unconditionally without expecting anything in return really does challenge our usual thinking.

But I promise myself to  greet this day with love in my heart!           ol_10_ways_to_love

MKMMA Week 5


We all have them, we are overwhelmed by other people wanting to give us their opinion. So what is an opinion?

Well the dictionary says: a belief that is not based on proof; judgment; estimation; evaluation; professional advice; a formal expert judgement.

So why, do we feel free to give or accept someone elses opinion unless they are an expert in a particular field?

Opinions are based on what we think about, which is formulated by the experiences we have had over the years, the way we have been brought up, the people we spend time with, the things we feed our mind with, our beliefs and our environment.

As part of our assignment this week, we were asked not to give an opinion, unless it was asked for in our field of expertise, and instead to simply to be an observer of when we  would normally jump in with an opinion or  when someone else offers their opinion without it being their area of expertise.

This exercise I found to be very interesting and indeed entertaining. Spending time with friends or chatting with people on Facebook was most interesting. I had lunch with a friend from my school days, and was surprised  during the course of our time together, how manytimes my friend gave me her opinion about different topics of conversation, on various topics, kids, finances, relationships and even shopping!

What was my reaction?

well, I have always valued my friends opinions and maybe always taken them as gospel, after all doesn’t she have it all? 

A lasting marriage, over 30 years, 2 kids now grown up and both working for a living, the house, her and her partner both working, take 2 or 3 weeks holiday a year? I have been unaware over the years of what a strong character my friend has, and I wouldn’t have her any other way. But is she an authority on any of the subjects we talked about?

Then quite honestly No!

But I have always listened and taken on board the things she has said  because she is my friend. How often do we do this?

When you look on Facebook and look at what people have put as a status, maybe its a crisis they are experiencing, just an opinion, a frustration, even something inspirational….what’s   the next thing you see?


I found myself also wanting to offer advice to a friend experiencing relationship difficulties, now she didn’t even ask for my opinion, Now because I was consciously looking out for opinions, I was able to take a step back and simply listen, reminding myself that this is not my area of expertise.  

So a note to myself this week is take care when talking with people about the opinions I do give and indeed what opinions I take on bored from other people.

After all, if we have financial challenges who is likely to give us the best advise….A friend, who may also be in a similar situation or a financial adviser ?

If we are sick and tired of our lives, who would be the best person to give us advise? someone on Facebook who is complaining constantly about their own lack of satisfaction in their lives or someone like Mark J from MKMMA who will give you the tools to help you decide what is important in your life and how you and only you can make the changes by changing the way you think about things.

What have I learned this week?

Beware of people offering you their opinion especially if you haven’t asked for it after all they are basing what they say on all the things they have encountered in their lives. After all, if we wanted to build a physical house for ourselves wouldn’t we choose only the best materials? And with this in mind, I realize how important it is to choose with the greatest care the things which influence my mind.

We are what we think about!

Once again I am so grateful for this scholarship and the rewards I am beginning to see in my life.



MKMMA week 4

OH what a week!!! I don’t know how many people are on the MKMMA scholarship….and indeed how many actually were invited to start. Mark J did tell us from the outset that this would be tough and that many would not stay the course. I know from experience that all though we are all given the same information, the same blueprint for success that we are all from different backgrounds,  and cultures and have different personalities and therefore we all take something different on board from what we are taught.

For me this week, It has been really tough! Mark began last weeks webinar by saying that many people would quit this week! And I thought to myself, no way, not on week 4 we are just getting into the groove and beginning to understand the new routines and changing the bad habits which have held us back for so long and replacing them with new habits.

The thing that has stuck with me all week was the challenge to give 100% or we may as well quit!

I have always considered myself to be someone who gives 100% in all that I do, but once I began to examine myself, I realized that in so many areas of my life I do not give 100%  and that if that’s the case I may as well be giving 0

when I examined my PPNs, True health and Helping people I had to acknowledge that I was far from giving 100%. Helping other people for me is somewhat easier than gaining and remaining in True Health. Why is this? 

Helping other people is almost second nature to me, the jobs I have had in care or in supporting students, raising a family and being a good friend and  loving partner. I have always found it easier to put others first and put my own needs on the back burner. But in thinking about this, it has helped me to focus on the areas I could do better and go the extra mile to give 100%. These don’t have to be earth shattering changes, just conscious efforts to give more of my time, talents, experience or financial assistance to those around me. To experience more of the joys of giving and not expecting anything in return.

However simple this may be…..isn’t it human nature that in a relationship, you give your all…. don’t we want something back ? Is it therefore wrong to expect our partners to also give 100% ?

Achieving True health…..this is the main area I have to work on. I have a target wight and size I want to achieve before Jan 2014, this should easily be achievable but there are obstacles I allow to get in my way. When I am stressed, I reach for the chocolate bar, when I am sad, it’s the ice-cream. To overcome this and eliminate these bad habits,! I have now made a promise to myself, something I am not used to doing…. that I only eat healthy food, I only eat when I am hungry, I eat very slowly and enjoy the food I am eating and finally I stop eating when I am full. Giving myself 100% requires me to make changes in many areas of my life, ensuring I get enough sleep, take time to relax, take regular exercise, complete this scholarship to help me create the life I really want, in which case I really will be able to help more people to achieve the lives they want

So here is my pledge to myself …

To give 100% in all that I do because anything else may as well be 0